Level 1 ~ 100
Bundle of Jewel of Bless
Bundle of Jewel of Soul
Jewel of Bless
Jewel of Life
Jewel of Soul
Jewel of Creation
Jewel of Chaos
Excellent Lighting Sword
Excellent Double Blade
Excellent Blade
Excellent Giant Sword
Excellent Gladius
Excellent Falchion
Excellent Serpent Sword
Excellent Sword of Salamander
Excellent Light Saber
Excellent Legendary Sword
Excellent Heliacal Sword
Excellent Battle Axe
Excellent Nikea Axe
Excellent Larkan Axe
Excellent Crescent Axe
Excellent Great Hammer
Excellent Crystal Morning Star
Excellent Great Scythe
Excellent Bill of Balrog
Excellent Tiger Bow
Excellent Silver Bow
Excellent Light Crossbow
Excellent Serpent Crossbow
Excellent Bluewing Crossbow
Excellent Thunder Staff
Excellent Gorgon Staff
Excellent Legendary Staff
Excellent Staff of Resurrection
Excellent Mystery Stick
Excellent Violent Wind Stick
Excellent Red Wing Stick
Excellent Book of Samut
Excellent Book of Neil
Excellent Book of Lagle
Excellent Battle Scepter
Excellent Small Shield
Excellent Elven Shield
Excellent Buckler
Excellent Dragon Slayer Shield
Excellent Skull Shield
Excellent Spiked Shield
Excellent Plate Shield
Excellent Large Round Shield
Excellent Dragon Shield
Excellent Legendary Shield
Excellent Elemental Shield
Set Bronze
Excellent Bronze Gloves
Excellent Bronze Boots
Excellent Bronze Pants
Excellent Bronze Helm
Excellent Bronze Armor
Set Dragon
Excellent Dragon Gloves
Excellent Dragon Boots
Excellent Dragon Pants
Excellent Dragon Helm
Excellent Dragon Armor
Set Pad
Excellent Pad Gloves
Excellent Pad Boots
Excellent Pad Pants
Excellent Pad Helm
Excellent Pad Armor
Set Legendary
Excellent Legendary Gloves
Excellent Legendary Boots
Excellent Legendary Pants
Excellent Legendary Helm
Excellent Legendary Armor
Set Bone

Excellent Bone Gloves
Excellent Bone Boots
Excellent Bone Pants
Excellent Bone Helm
Excellent Bone Armor

Set Leather
Excellent Leather Gloves
Excellent Leather Boots
Excellent Leather Pants
Excellent Leather Helm
Excellent Leather Armor
Set Scale
Excellent Scale Gloves
Excellent Scale Boots
Excellent Scale Pants
Excellent Scale Helm
Excellent Scale Armor
Set Sphinx
Excellent Sphinx Gloves
Excellent Sphinx Boots
Excellent Sphinx Pants
Excellent Sphinx Helm
Excellent Sphinx Armor
Set Brass
Excellent Brass Gloves
Excellent Brass Boots
Excellent Brass Pants
Excellent Brass Helm
Excellent Brass Armor
Set Plate
Excellent Plate Gloves
Excellent Plate Boots
Excellent Plate Pants
Excellent Plate Helm
Excellent Plate Armor
Set Vine
Excellent Vine Gloves
Excellent Vine Boots
Excellent Vine Pants
Excellent Vine Helm
Excellent Vine Armor
Set Silk
Excellent Silk Gloves
Excellent Silk Boots
Excellent Silk Pants
Excellent Silk Helm
Excellent Silk Armor
Set Wind
Excellent Wind Gloves
Excellent Wind Boots
Excellent Wind Pants
Excellent Wind Helm
Excellent Wind Armor
Set Spirit
Excellent Spirit Gloves
Excellent Spirit Boots
Excellent Spirit Pants
Excellent Spirit Helm
Excellent Spirit Armor
Set Guardian
Excellent Guardian Gloves
Excellent Guardian Boots
Excellent Guardian Pants
Excellent Guardian Helm
Excellent Guardian Armor
Set Light Plate
Excellent Light Plate Gloves
Excellent Light Plate Boots
Excellent Light Plate Pants
Excellent Light Plate Helm
Excellent Light Plate Armor
Set Violent Wind
Excellent Violent Wind Gloves
Excellent Violent Wind Boots
Excellent Violent Wind Pants
Excellent Violent Wind Helm
Excellent Violent Wind Armor
Set Red Wing
Excellent Red Wing Gloves
Excellent Red Wing Boots
Excellent Red Wing Pants
Excellent Red Wing Helm
Excellent Red Wing Armor