Buenas con todos gentita, porfa vean bien el vídeo para que sepan como hacer si tienen dudas preguntenme, like para mas eventos =)! descripción en español : http://goo.gl/PXFmKT

Description in english: http://bit.ly/1WmEaoj

Event “Draw the MU Online Logo”

How to Participate:

1: Draw the MU Online logo, Inlcude “Webzen” at the top, and “Gaming Peru” at the Bottom.
2: Take a photo of it aside your PC Screen showing some character playing GMO
Check the example image here http://oi63.tinypic.com/qybnkm.jpg
3: Submit this photo by comment on the Event post in Facebook, including your server and character name.
Event post Link
4: Once the register time ends, all the photos will be edited, adding it a number on the corner and re-upload it to certain album on Gaming Peru Page. There will be a Notice about this Album on GMO Facebook and GMO Website.

How will be decided the winners?

Every photo will have a specific number on it, we will use the website “random.org” to decide completely random a total of 3 winners, the 3rd place will be the 5th number in appear, the 2nd place will be the 10th and the 1st place will be the 15th number.

In Example: we have 50 photos, each one have a number on it, from 1 to 50, and we will put this as min/max number to get on random.org. the first 4 numbers in appear will not win, the 5th will do and will be the 3rd place, then, other 4 number which will not win, the 10th number in appear will be the 2nd place, and finally, 4 more number which will not win, and the 1st place will be the 15th number in appear.

Nobody, except the winners, will be retired from the random number generator, this means, even if your number appears once, you still have probability to win a prize, but, if somehow, one of the current winners get one more win, it will not count because this number already have a prize.

Event period:

Players will have from 11/04/2016 to 17/04/2016 to submit their Photo in the post of gaming peru fan page(psot of event).
Album will be added at 18/04/2016 and it will be there for 3 Days before the raffle
EVL Gamming Peru and VL Raspberry will promote this event on Forums and YouTube.
Winners will be contacted in-game by EVL Gamming Peru or VL Raspberry


1st place: Any 3rd class wings+0+Luck+True Damage, the winner choose which wing he/she want (Wing of Storm, Wing of Illusion, Wing of Eternal, Wing of Dimension, Wing of Ruin, Cloak of Transcendence, Cape of Overrule or Cape of Emperor)
2nd Place: 1 Errtel Rank 1+7, 2+7, 3+3, the winner choose element and Errtel type (divinity, integrity, blessing, radiance or anger)
3rd place: Complete set ancient +0+Luck+10Stats
The winner choose one of the follow sets: Viciou’s Dragon, Aruan’s Guardian, Anubi’s Legendary, Chrono’s Red Wing, Gaion’s Atlans, Agni’s Adamantine, Carthy’s Sate, Ana’s Hirat or Rave’s Plate.

Prizes will be given directly in-game by Trade, this to make it clear and have no people saying they did not receive the prize, EVL Gamming Peru will record the video and distribute the rewards in-game, then, this video will be uploaded in order to be clear.