Wings Wings of Storm +11+Luck
Wings of Illusion +11+Luck
Wings of Ruin +11+Luck
Wings of Dimension +11+Luck
Wings of Eternal +11+Luck
Items Ancient
Set Ancient
Set Enis Enis Boots
Enis Pants
Enis Armor
Enis Helm
Set Vicious
Vicious Ring of Earth
Vicious Pants
Vicious Armor
Vicious Helm
Set Semeden
Semeden Gloves
Semeden Boots
Semeden Armor
Semeden Helm
Set Aruan
Aruan Boots
Aruan Pants
Aruan Armor
Aruan Helm
Set Muren
Muren Ring of Fire
Muren Gloves
Muren Pants
Muren Armor
Set Agnis
Agnis Ring of Poison
Agnis Pants
Agnis Armor
Agnis Helm
Set Broy
Broy Pendant of Ice
Broy Gloves
Broy Boots
Broy Pants
Set Chrono
Chrono Helm
Chrono Ring of Magic
Chrono Pants
Chrono Gloves
Set Gaia
Gaia Gloves
Gaia Pants
Gaia Armor
Gaia Helm
Gaia Golden Crossbow
Set Odin
Odin Boots
Odin Gloves
Odin Pants
Odin Armor
Odin Helm
Set Anubis
Anubis Gloves
Anubis Armor
Anubis Helm
Anubis Ring of Fire
Set Kantata
Kantata Boots
Kantata Gloves
Kantata Armor
Kantata Ring of Poison
Set Garuda
Garuda Boots
Garuda Gloves
Garuda Pants
Garuda Armor
Set Evis
Evis Boots
Evis Pants
Evis Armor
Set Heras
Heras Skull Shield
Heras Boots
Heras Gloves
Heras Pants
Heras Armor
Heras Helm
Set Argo
Argo Gloves
Argo Pants
Argo Armor
Set Gywen
Gywen Gloves
Gywen Silver Bow
Set Hyon
Hyon Boots
Hyon Gloves
Hyon Lightning Sword
Set Eplete
Eplete Shield Plate
Eplete Pants
Eplete Helm
Eplete Armor
Eplete Pendant of Lightning
Set Hyperion
Hyperion Boots
Hyperion Pants
Hyperion Armor
Items Excellent
Excellent Pendant of Lightning
Excellent Pendant of Wind
Excellent Pendant of Fire
Excellent Pendant of Ice
Excellent Ring of Ice
Excellent Ring of Poison
Sword Excellent Kris
Excellent Short Sword
Excellent Dark Breaker
Excellent Sword Dancer
Excellent Sword of Destruction
Excellent Great Lord Scepter
Excellent Platina Staff
Excellent Staff of Kundun
Excellent Piercing Blade Glove
Excellent Holy Storm Glove
Excellent Great Reign Crossbow
Excellent Albatross Bow
Excellent Demonic Stick
Excellent Storm Blitz Stick
Set Grand Soul Excellent Grand Soul Helm
Excellent Grand Soul Boots
Excellent Grand Soul Pants
Excellent Grand Soul Armor
Excellent Grand Soul Gloves
Set Storm Blitz
Excellent Storm Blitz Pants
Excellent Storm Blitz Armor
Excellent Storm Blitz Gloves
Excellent Storm Blitz Helm
Excellent Storm Blitz Boots
Set Piercing
Excellent Piercing Groove Armor
Excellent Piercing Groove Helm
Excellent Piercing Groove Pants
Excellent Piercing Groove Boots
Set Black Dragon
Excellent Black Dragon Helm
Excellent Black Dragon Gloves
Excellent Black Dragon Boots
Excellent Black Dragon Pants
Excellent Black Dragon Armor
Set Red Spirit
Excellent Red Sprit Helm
Excellent Red Sprit Boots
Excellent Red Sprit Gloves
Excellent Red Sprit Armor
Excellent Red Sprit Pants
Set Demonic
Excellent Demonic Helm
Excellent Demonic Boots
Excellent Demonic Gloves
Excellent Demonic Armor
Excellent Demonic Pants
Set Dark Soul
Excellent Dark Soul Helm
Excellent Dark Soul Gloves
Excellent Dark Soul Boots
Excellent Dark Soul Armor
Excellent Dark Soul Pants
Set Dark Master
Excellent Dark Master Helm
Excellent Dark Master Gloves
Excellent Dark Master Boots
Excellent Dark Master Pants
Excellent Dark Master Armor
Set Thunder Hawk
Excellent Thunder Hawk Armor
Excellent Thunder Hawk Gloves
Excellent Thunder Hawk Boots
Excellent Thunder Hawk Pants